Nissim / A Short Story

Olga Lempert

Small and raggedy, his scowl still terrified me. This was when he knocked on my door and announced he had come to stay with me. He looked like he was having a tougher time than most. Shallow unshaven cheeks, angry burning eyes set deep into black circles, shaggy brows. He said his name was Nissim. I gave him some towels and sheets and left him to get on with it.

The Winds of the Arts

Ayala Asherov

An ode to the Tel Aviv of yesteryear.

Hope is a Woman’s Name

Amal Elsana Alh’jooj

An excerpt from the memoir of a trailblazing Israeli Bedouin women's activist.

A Jew Among Muslims

Dina Lisnyansky

A new book tells us what it's like to be the only Israeli Jew studying at an Islamic Arab college.

Arguing for the Sake of Heaven

Alex Sinclair

A new book on how to manage disagreements over controversial issues facing Israel and the Jewish world is an important first step but needs more depth in order to have a greater impact.

“Gender is sickeningly important in our culture”

Alex Stein

What is the status of trans people in Israeli society? An interview with Dr. Shochat, who runs a gender reassignment clinic in Tel Aviv.

Cries of a Beloved Country

Avraham Burg

The former director of Breaking the Silence has written a moving memoir that is a wake-up call for Israeli society.

Who Does She Think She Is?

Einat Wilf

The new memoir by former Breaking the Silence director Yuli Novak is simplistic and solipsistic in equal measure.

Straight Outta Zion

Tomer Gershenman

The unique and little-known story of Israeli hip-hop.

In Search of a Lost Community

Yael Segev

In a new book, one of Israel's most prominent left-wing activist fails to convince with his critique of Religious Zionism.

Walking Four Amot

David Ben Moshe

Tales of transformation from the hiking trails of Israel.

Shelter Shelter

Adi Sorek

A poetic exploration of the Tel Aviv University's shelter signs and the Talmudic Cities of Refuge.

Seeking Redemption: On Religious Anti-Occupation Politics

Joshua Leifer

In a new book, one of Israel's most prominent left-wing activists makes his case through a thousand years of Jewish scholarship.

Fighting Covid: The Israeli Doctrine

Arieh Kovler

A deep dive into how Israel has fought COVID-19, how it has fought it differently from other countries, and what the results of its struggle have been.

Keystein Cops

Nathan Abrams

How do televisual-cinematic representations of Israeli policemen (and women) compare to those of their Mossad counterparts?

The Third Temple

Ari Hoffman

Ari Shavit's new book, Bayit Shlishi, asks the right questions about Israel's future but fails to offer compelling answers.

Too Good to be True?

Yaniv Feller

The new, pluralistic permanent exhibit at the Museum of the Jewish People feels increasingly at odds with its surroundings.

From Africa to Zion

Danny Adeno Abebe

An exclusive excerpt from the memoir of Israel's first Ethiopian-born journalist.

An Abusive System

Janice Weizman

An interview with trailblazing Israeli feminist Elana Sztokman about her journey away from Orthodoxy.

Coronavirus and Intimacy

Yaki Sagi

While corona's impact on physical wellbeing is common knowledge, less has been written about its devastating impact on interpersonal relationships.

One Flew Over Gimmel Ward

Danna Harman

The closed ward at Geha hospital, one of Israel's most renowned psychiatric hospitals, is a microcosm of Israeli society.

A Family Affair

Dahlia Scheindlin

Throughout Israel’s history, the question 'what do Israelis think' has evolved a great deal, not least because the question 'who are the Israelis' has changed dramatically over time.

The New Mixed Cities

Afif Abu Much

Why are Arabs moving to largely Jewish cities, and how are they being received?

Tel Aviv: City of Torah and Hasidism

Yitzhak Bar Ze'ev

Known as Israel's secular city, Tel Aviv actually has a rich religious past and present.

Whose Sperm Is This?

Amy Klein

Israel is one of the leaders in fertility treatment, but its rampant use of other people's genetics will have long-lasting implications.

"Sometimes They Prayed Marxism"

Biti Roy

The little-known story of Rav Steinsaltz's involvement with the 'New Sanhedrin.'

Great Spirit Grant Me Vision

Sephy Geldzahler

The revival of interest among Israelis in the thought of Rav Yehuda Leon Ashkenazi AKA Manitou.

Planning for Whom?

Maier Yagod

On the Design and Politics of Israeli Neighborhoods.

Banana Pita

Yuli Malka

How the story of the Russian aliyah is finally entering the Israeli mainstream.

The New Israeli Judaism

Elan Ezrahi

Two recent books describe the unique trajectory of Jewish life in Israel.

Our Strange Victory: Quarantine Reflections

Ben Hartman

What's it been like living in Israel during coronavirus, and how is the 'new normal' panning out?

Halacha in the Time of Corona

Shlomo Dov Rosen

On social distancing and deontology.

Israel’s Potemkin War

Eeta Prince-Gibson

An interview with Haim Har-Zahav, author of 'Lebanon: The Lost War.'

Israel Can Do Better: A 70-Year Report Card of Environmental Underachievement

Alon Tal

Despite showing huge early promise, Israel's environmental record is hugely disappointing. With the added threat of global warming, substantial action is needed.

Israeli Dance after Gaga

Dana Mills

Israeli dance is known mainly for the Batsheva Dance Company and Gaga, the movement language developed by its most famous offspring, Ohad Naharin. But many other performers and styles, no less intriguing, have grown in their shadow.

An Army of Letters

Tal Kra-Oz

Two new books look into Israel's military-literary complex. The authors, literary scholars at Tel Aviv University, share an irreverent reverence for the subject matter.

The Israeli Gangster’s Reading List

Ben Hartman

In a Tel Aviv courtroom last December, the most sophisticated and ruthless underworld boss in Israel’s history set out to tell his life story, meandering between his years as a teenage drug trafficker and murderer to how books inspired a prison “rehabilitation” that never quite happened. 

Yerus, This is the Land of Israel: To a Disaffected Ethiopian-Israeli

Sharon Shalom

If a school refuses to admit Ethiopian-Israeli students, it is not only our problem. We have to empower the Ethiopian-Israeli youth by telling them that they—the victims of racism—are normal, and that racism is abnormal.

Home and Away: The Accidentally Global Scope of Israel’s English-Language Media

Gilad Halpern

While the international media industry came crashing down in the beginning of the 21st century, Israel's English-language media experienced a tremendous renaissance.