“New Hope and Yamina are not right-wing”

Olga Kirschbaum-Shirazki

An interview with the journalist and commentator Laly Derai about the future of the Israeli right.

A New Era in Arab-Jewish Relations?

Raef Zreik

The United Arab List's participation in Israel's ruling coalition represents Israel's preference for indirect rule over full citizenship when dealing with its Palestinian citizens.

In Defense of Nationalism

Liat Natovich Koshizky

Yoram Hazony's new book provides a welcome defense of Herzl's sophisticated understanding of Zionism and its relevance today.

No True Nationalist

Yair Wallach

Yoram Hazony's latest book distorts Herzl's ideas to provide cover for the author's exclusivist nationalism.

The Past, Present and Future of Shas

Batia Siebzehner/David Lehmann

Shas, the Sephardi Ultra-Orthodox party, has been part of Israel’s ruling coalition since 1984. What’s been the secret of their success, and what does their future hold?

Israel’s Very Own ‘Illiberal Democracy’

David N. Myers

Zionism is rightly celebrated as a democratic movement, but the liberal element in it has often been sidelined and contested. Netanyahu's authoritarian tendencies seem to echo global trends, but in fact they tell a very local story as well.

The Prime Ministers: Chronicles of Failure

Benjamin Kerstein

Two autobiographies, written by Israel’s only living former prime ministers, are uneven attempts to come to terms with their unremarkable legacies.

The Maverick Israeli Intellectual You’ve Never Heard About

Hanan Harif

Boas Evron, who died last year aged 91, held unusual views on the nature of Jewish Nationhood, the State of Israel and its relationship with the diaspora. A new book revisits his unorthodox political thought.

The Prime Ministers: The Juggler

Hirsh Goodman

What is the secret of the enduring success of Benjamin Netanyahu, soon to be Israel's longest-serving prime minister?

Illiberal Neoliberalism

Asher Schechter

Israel's transition into a global economy is a textbook example of how a country can practice globalization without subscribing to any of its stated values.

‘Duel Review’: What Happened to the Israeli Left?

Ben-Dror Yemini Naomi Chazan

Two reviews, separately written, analyze the factors behind the chronic weakness of the Israeli Left.