Who By Fire

Matti Friedman

An exclusive excerpt from Matti Friedman's new book about Leonard Cohen's tour of Israeli army bases during the Yom Kippur War.

From Adoration to Disillusionment

Yakov Z. Mayer

The story of how the Israeli literary community fell in and out of love with Nobel-winning author Olga Tokarczuk.

Like the Face of a Dog

Omri Ben Yehuda

Coronavirus, Israel, and the Global Politics of Fake

In the Palace

Sam Sussman

A misadventure in love and lebensraum set in contemporary Berlin.

Meet the Yahus

Alex Stein

A new novel about Benjamin Netanyahu's father's time in America fails to live up to the delicious promise of its source material.

Entebbe, Tehran, Munich

Nathan Abrams

How cinematic depictions of the Mossad spy became a reflection of shifting attitudes towards the State of Israel.

Dutch Dreaming of Israel

Daan F. Oostveen

Why do the Dutch political parties have so much to say about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?

The Two Survivors

Taleen Babayan

A comprehensive survey of Israeli-Armenian relations in the shadow of the latest Nagorno-Karabakh War.

The Excesses of French Jews/Scroll Down for Original in French

Noémie Issan-Benchimol

An analysis of two books on the place of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in French discourse and society.

The Scholar and the Activist

Moriel Rothman-Zecher

David Shulman between South Hebron and South India.

Between Three Circles

Guilherme Casaroes Monique Sochaczewski

Brazil's Middle East Policy from Collor to Bolonsaro.

The Non-German German

Mati Shemoelof

An Israeli in Berlin asks: Does German culture belong to me?

Exile: Portraits of the Jewish Diaspora

Annika Hernroth-Rothstein

An excerpt from a new book examining some of the lesser-known Jewish communities around the world.

From Homeland to Birthplace

Leon Wiener Dow

Showcasing his exceptional talent for blurring the boundary between fact and fiction, Philip Roth's Operation Shylock and The Plot Against America offer a unique reflection on Israel and the Jewish-American situation.

Towards the East an Eye Gazes

Meron Medzini

From its genesis, Zionism sought the favor of Western powers and was virtually uninterested in Asian nations. Three new books look at the exceptions that confirm the rule.

This Time for Africa

Efy Halperin

Dr. Efy Halperin, an Israeli infectious disease specialist, spent several months volunteering in rural Uganda.