Love Song / A Poem

Love Song was composed especially for the 25th anniversary of the founding of Kibbutz Nir Oz, in 1980. The writer, a resident of the kibbutz, was kidnapped to Gaza on October 7th, 2023.

Love Song

Amiram Cooper (translated by David Arkin)


A. Where is the song

Song of Love

That buds in hollows of the heart

Why does it wander streets alone

and creep into pages as sadness.

Through the stormy streets

and the gardens bloom in wind

It walks with sorrow

seeking a bosom to rest


B. Where is the song

Song of Love

Hidden in the grey of Autumn

Why does the green pale on boughs

shedding falling leaves.

Through the stormy streets

and the trees stand bowed.

It walks with sorrow

seeking Spring to blossom.


שיר אהבה

עמירם קופר


  • אי השיר

שיר אהבה

ניצת בחדרי הלב

מדוע ברחובות הולך לבד

ולדפים כעצב מתגנב

ברחובות גשם זלעפות

והגנים פרוצים לרוח

הולך כעצב

מחפש לו חיק לנוח


ב.     אי השיר

שיר אהבה

נחבא באפור הסתיו

מדוע החוויר ירק נופו

נפלה שלכת בעליו

ברחובות גשם זלעפות

והעצים עומדים שחוח

הולך כעצב

מחפש אביב לפרוח



The Kidnapped Poet


Amongst the 240 plus kidnapped citizens on October 7 is the 85-year-old poet and composer, Amiram Cooper – taken hostage with his wife Nurit from their Kibbutz, Nir Oz. Nurit has since been released by her Hamas captors. Born in Haifa in 1938, Amiram was one of the founders of Kibbutz Nir Oz, arriving in 1957, and living peacefully, raising a family and building a community there until darkness descended on October 7. An economist by profession, Amiram has composed songs and poetry for over 60 years. He has often collaborated on the melodies with fellow kibbutz members or members from other kibbutzim. He has authored two compilations of poetry. His work is documented on the Hebrew site Shira Ovedet – ‘’Working Song’’. This site documents a whole gamut of Kibbutznikim who combined song and labour from the earliest days of the Hebrew Yishuv, and then after Independence. These are Artists who never became mainstream, but whose rich Hebrew texts breathed life into the modern, revived Hebrew language.

Love Song, was composed especially for the 25th anniversary of the founding of Nir Oz, in 1980.


While Amiram remains hidden in some Gazan dungeon tunnel, his poetry should not be. Rather, it should be read and enjoyed by as many citizens of the world, who should demand his immediate and unconditional release.


Shira Ovedet page dedicated to Amiram Cooper

עמירם קופר (

Listen to a recording of the song on this link

שירה עובדת – הערוץ המקומי (

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