The Prime Ministers: The Juggler

Hirsh Goodman

What is the secret of the enduring success of Benjamin Netanyahu, soon to be Israel's longest-serving prime minister?

‘A Translator is First and Foremost a Reader’

Akin Ajayi

An interview with Jessica Cohen, who was awarded, together with David Grossman, the 2017 Man Booker International Prize for her translation of his book "A Horse Walks into a Bar."

Illiberal Neoliberalism

Asher Schechter

Israel's transition into a global economy is a textbook example of how a country can practice globalization without subscribing to any of its stated values.

Eighteen Lashes: A Novel

Assaf Gavron

An exclusive excerpt from the English translation of Assaf Gavron's forthcoming novel.

‘Reading Lolita in Tel Aviv’: Letters from a Kurd

Ofra Bengio

Through the personal experiences of Mariwan, a Kurdish adolescent, Kae Bahar tells the story of the Kurdish nation's struggle for independence.

Global Jewish Identities

Ephraim Meir

Around the world today we find several ways of belonging, of which full conversion is one option. Entire communities see themselves as Jewish without being formally recognized as such.

The Wobbly House

Ronit Matalon

On the presence of Arabic in Hebrew literature

Ronit Matalon: An Appreciation

Yiftach Ashkenazi

In memoriam of the stellar Mizrahi writer who rejected identity politics

This Time for Africa

Efy Halperin

Dr. Efy Halperin, an Israeli infectious disease specialist, spent several months volunteering in rural Uganda.

A Warm Tale of Human Foibles

Rachel Harris

Yirmi Pinkus reconstructs a 1980s Tel Aviv Ashkenazi enclave that is replete with charming vignettes but detached from the realities it aspires to hark back to.

‘Duel Review’: What Happened to the Israeli Left?

Ben-Dror Yemini Naomi Chazan

Two reviews, separately written, analyze the factors behind the chronic weakness of the Israeli Left.