The War Against Cliche

Arie M. Dubnov

As William James noted, nations are not saved by wars but 'by acts without external picturesqueness; by speaking, writing, voting reasonably; by smiting corruption swiftly; by good temper between parties; by the people knowing true men when they see them, and preferring them as leaders to rabid partisans or empty quacks.'

Intoxicating Zion

Haggai Ram

An excerpt from Haggai Ram's book about hashish in Mandatory Palestine and Israel.

Red Sea Spies

Raffi Berg

An excerpt from Raffi Berg's book about the true story of Mossad's fake diving resort in Sudan.

The Memory Monster

Yardenne Greenspan Yishai Sarid

An excerpt from Yishai Sarid's new novel about a historian who specializes in leading tours of concentration camps in Poland.

What is Love? An Interview with Yaron Shani

Akin Ajayi

An intimate conversation with the acclaimed Israeli filmmaker.

Introducing Maayan Eitan

TARB editors

An interview with the newest member of the Tel Aviv Review of Books editorial team.

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall?

Jonathan Spyer

A new book argues for the historic significance of the Arab Spring. Does it succeed?

Our Strange Victory: Quarantine Reflections

Ben Hartman

What's it been like living in Israel during coronavirus, and how is the 'new normal' panning out?

Stone Men

Alex Stein

The story of the role played by Palestinian stonemasons and construction workers in the building of Israel.

An Interview with Adeena Sussman

Rachel Barenbaum

An interview with Adeena Sussman about her new vibrant recipe book inspired by Tel Aviv's Carmel Market.

My Grandfather’s House

Amir Mahmoud Jabarin

The fascinating story of an Ottoman-era house in Umm al-Fahm and what it tells us about the history of Palestinian architecture.

An Interview with Guy Stagg

Alex Stein

What's it like to walk from Canterbury to Jerusalem?

‘Aethon Fires’

Haim Watzman

A new "Necessary Story" by Haim Watzman.

"I didn’t choose to write in the form of a letter, it chose me": An Interview with Evan Fallenberg

Alex Stein

An interview with Evan Fallenberg on his new novel 'The Parting Gift', focusing on issues of language, sexuality, and politics.

‘For Your Information’: Twelve Micro-Stories

Alex Epstein

Somewhere, in a parallel universe, there's an Alex Epstein who writes novels," says Alex Epstein - author of the micro-stories we present here – about his chosen literary form.

TARB Extra: Israeli TV in the Age of Netflix

Noa Lavie

The popularity of Fauda, rooted firmly in the Israel-Palestine conflict, prompts interesting questions about the international success of Israel’s television.