The Last Fruits of the Shemita Year

David Rue Naama Rue

An exploration of the practice and philosophy of shemita in Israel today

The Constants and Variables of a Special Relationship

Joshua Goetz

Three new books explore how the US-Israel bond has come to be. While they offer radically different interpretations of the history, each convincing in its own way, they fail to provide an answer to the most burning question: Where is that relationship going?

The Risk of Unanticipated Readers

Akin Ajayi

A new novel satirizing the travails of an Israeli in West Africa may make sense to local readers but risks missing the point in translation.

A Martyr of Sorts, Punished for Our Imaginary Sins

Dana Kessler

A new Hebrew edition of Christiane F—the memoir of a 15-year-old German teenage prostitute and drug addict—has sent Dana Kessler on a reappreciation of one of the most influential books of her generation.