Halacha in the Time of Corona

Shlomo Dov Rosen

On social distancing and deontology.

The Road

TARB editors

How a classic piece of Israeli dystopian fiction shines a light on the current crisis.

Israel’s Potemkin War

Eeta Prince-Gibson

An interview with Haim Har-Zahav, author of 'Lebanon: The Lost War.'

The Prime Ministers: A Man – Neither Hercules nor Perfect

Joshua Sobol

The industrious life of David Ben-Gurion, Israel's founding father, reads like a polyphonic novel whose depths are never exhausted.

Madam Zona: A Memoir

Payam Feili Sara Khalili

An excerpt from Payam Feili's memoir about life as an Iranian asylum seeker in Israel.

Zionism + Concrete

Liam Hoare

Concrete was the material that built the State of Israel - its prevalence from Tel Aviv to Be’er Sheva to the kibbutz is an expression of Zionism itself.

Psychoanalysis & Kabbalah

Ruth Kara-Ivanov Kaniel

The conceptual threads connecting the two systems of thought.

Welcome to the Desert of the Real

Ioram Melcer

We’re used to saying that truth is stranger than fiction. But why does Israeli literature hold back from strangeness in both truth and fiction?

Between Three Circles

Guilherme Casaroes Monique Sochaczewski

Brazil's Middle East Policy from Collor to Bolonsaro.

The Non-German German

Mati Shemoelof

An Israeli in Berlin asks: Does German culture belong to me?

Teaching the Conflict

Ari Blaff

Three publications show different approaches to teaching the Arab-Israeli Conflict on campus.

The Drive

Jessica Cohen Yair Assulin

An excerpt from Yair Assulin's new novel, translated by Jessica Cohen.

Illuminating Brutal Details

Lonnie Monka Yonatan Berg

A selection of the first English translations of work by poet Yonatan Berg.