International Law for Just One Nation

Eugene Kontorovich

Two books examine the details behind arguments about the legality of settlements.

A Prophet without Honor

Noa Manheim

Why is Lavie Tidhar, an author of global renown, so underappreciated in the land of his birth?

Tel Aviv: City of Torah and Hasidism

Yitzhak Bar Ze'ev

Known as Israel's secular city, Tel Aviv actually has a rich religious past and present.

Brothers from Another Planet

Michael Berkowitz

Four new books revisit the great German-Jewish intellectuals of Interwar Jerusalem, inquiring on their legacy and ongoing relevance.

Preventing Peace

Abe Silberstein

Three new books argue that American policy has consistently failed the Palestinians and the wider cause of Middle Eastern rapprochement.

Whose Sperm Is This?

Amy Klein

Israel is one of the leaders in fertility treatment, but its rampant use of other people's genetics will have long-lasting implications.

From the Ghetto to the Mainstream/Scroll Down for Original Arabic

Linda Abdul Aziz Menuhin

The story of the inexorable rise of Arabic music in Israel.

An Autobiography in Four Parts/Scroll Down for Original in Hebrew 

Dory Manor

A specially commissioned translation of poetry by leading Israeli poet Dory Manor.

The Excesses of French Jews/Scroll Down for Original in French

Noémie Issan-Benchimol

An analysis of two books on the place of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in French discourse and society.

Sudden Change or Gradual Transition?

Michael Press

A popular perception of the Arab conquest of Palestine as a period of violent transformation persists, despite archaeological evidence to the contrary.

The Woman Who Wasn’t

Illa Ben Porat Maayan Eitan

An excerpt from Illa Ben Porat's new novel about a detective investigating the case of a missing mother.

Who’s Looking at the Rhinoceros?

Yaara Shehori

An exclusive translation of Yaara Shehori's response to Assaf Inbari's Haaretz essay on autobiographical fiction.