The Hidden Face of Nationalism in Islamic Lands

Shmuel Trigano

In this English adaptation of the introduction of his book 'La Fin du Judaïsme en Terres d’Islam', (published in Hebrew in 2018) Shmuel Trigano reconceptualizes the history of Zionism, of Jewish communities in North Africa and the Middle East, and of the State of Israel.

‘Duel Review’: The Conflict over the Right of Return

Emmanuel Navon Tamer Masalha

Two reviews, separately written, about recent books about the Palestinian "right of return."

The Israeli Gangster’s Reading List

Ben Hartman

In a Tel Aviv courtroom last December, the most sophisticated and ruthless underworld boss in Israel’s history set out to tell his life story, meandering between his years as a teenage drug trafficker and murderer to how books inspired a prison “rehabilitation” that never quite happened. 

Yerus, This is the Land of Israel: To a Disaffected Ethiopian-Israeli

Sharon Shalom

If a school refuses to admit Ethiopian-Israeli students, it is not only our problem. We have to empower the Ethiopian-Israeli youth by telling them that they—the victims of racism—are normal, and that racism is abnormal.

Hebrews in America: Israeli Literature goes Global

Ari Hoffman

Zionism was conceived as an antidote to Jewish displacement, but a few generations after the establishment of the Jewish state, Israeli literature makes itself at home even far away from home.  

An Enemy From Another Dimension: Israeli and Palestinian Science Fiction and Fantasy

Hagay HaCohen

The recent publication of two English-language anthologies of science fiction stories, Zion's Fiction and Palestine 100, allows us to examine the complexities of reality in the cold light of the stars.

The Past, Present and Future of Shas

Batia Siebzehner/David Lehmann

Shas, the Sephardi Ultra-Orthodox party, has been part of Israel’s ruling coalition since 1984. What’s been the secret of their success, and what does their future hold?

Contemporary Art in the ‘Holy City’

Olga Kirschbaum-Shirazki

An interview with Jenna Romano, director of Contemporary Art in Jerusalem, about the surprising and diverse contemporary art scene in the holy city.

The Jews of Iran

Haggai Ram

A new book looks at the story of the Jews of Iran in the twentieth century.

The Prime Ministers: My Version of Events

Akin Ajayi

A new biography of Yitzhak Rabin serves up a stirring story of service to the nation. But since this is settled fact, what else might it contribute to the bigger picture? Akin Ajayi reads between the lines to find out.

Reading Lolita in Tel Aviv: ‘We must not assimilate into Israel; we must assimilate Israel into ourselves’

Shachar Pinsker

Thanks to its intrinsically conflicted nature, the Yiddish literature of the young Israel has been exceptionally potent in exploring the thematic proximity between the Holocaust and the Nakba.    

We Are the Women/Continue

Tehila Hakimi

Poetry from Tehila Hakimi, a member of the Ars Poetica movement.