Orian Zakai

“Tell them all that we love them to the moon and back”— the last message of the tatzpitaniyot (female lookouts) at the Nahal Oz outpost on October 7, 2023. The lookouts reportedly foresaw the events but their warnings were ignored. All but two were either murdered or taken hostage. A poem.

The Last Fruits of the Shemita Year

David Rue Naama Rue

An exploration of the practice and philosophy of shemita in Israel today

International Law for Just One Nation

Eugene Kontorovich

Two books examine the details behind arguments about the legality of settlements.

A Prophet without Honor

Noa Manheim

Why is Lavie Tidhar, an author of global renown, so underappreciated in the land of his birth?

Tel Aviv: City of Torah and Hasidism

Yitzhak Bar Ze'ev

Known as Israel's secular city, Tel Aviv actually has a rich religious past and present.

Whose Sperm Is This?

Amy Klein

Israel is one of the leaders in fertility treatment, but its rampant use of other people's genetics will have long-lasting implications.

An Autobiography in Four Parts/Scroll Down for Original in Hebrew 

Dory Manor

A specially commissioned translation of poetry by leading Israeli poet Dory Manor.

Three Case Studies of the War in Palestine in 1948

Yoav Gelber

A review of three controversial events and processes during the war in 1948: Deir Yassin, the battle for Kastel, and Jewish refugees.

The Israeli Gangster’s Reading List

Ben Hartman

In a Tel Aviv courtroom last December, the most sophisticated and ruthless underworld boss in Israel’s history set out to tell his life story, meandering between his years as a teenage drug trafficker and murderer to how books inspired a prison “rehabilitation” that never quite happened. 

Hebrews in America: Israeli Literature goes Global

Ari Hoffman

Zionism was conceived as an antidote to Jewish displacement, but a few generations after the establishment of the Jewish state, Israeli literature makes itself at home even far away from home.  

The Past, Present and Future of Shas

Batia Siebzehner/David Lehmann

Shas, the Sephardi Ultra-Orthodox party, has been part of Israel’s ruling coalition since 1984. What’s been the secret of their success, and what does their future hold?

The Jews of Iran

Haggai Ram

A new book looks at the story of the Jews of Iran in the twentieth century.

Reading Lolita in Tel Aviv: ‘We must not assimilate into Israel; we must assimilate Israel into ourselves’

Shachar Pinsker

Thanks to its intrinsically conflicted nature, the Yiddish literature of the young Israel has been exceptionally potent in exploring the thematic proximity between the Holocaust and the Nakba.    

We Are the Women/Continue

Tehila Hakimi

Poetry from Tehila Hakimi, a member of the Ars Poetica movement.

TARB Extra: Israeli TV in the Age of Netflix

Noa Lavie

The popularity of Fauda, rooted firmly in the Israel-Palestine conflict, prompts interesting questions about the international success of Israel’s television.