Carthage / A Novel

An excerpt from Zohar Kohavi's debut novel, translated by Daniella Zamir.

The day Kafka’s last wish became Agnon’s nightmare

Newly revealed evidence shows that a fire that devastated S.Y. Agnon's house 100 years ago bears Kafkaesque coincidences.

Sabras in Outer Space

Exquisitely crafted so that the smallest details give us worlds, Iddo Gefen's short stories combine a preoccupation with spirituality and the incursion of advanced technology into our most personal, sensitive areas.

Hope is a Woman’s Name

Amal Elsana Alh’jooj

An excerpt from the memoir of a trailblazing Israeli Bedouin women's activist.

Holy Land

Ben Corvo

A poem on writing poetry in English while living in Israel.

The Winds of the Arts

Ayala Asherov

An ode to the Tel Aviv of yesteryear.

The Dilemmas of Victory

Vivian Cohen-Leisorek

Yishai Sarid's new novel about an Israeli military psychologist raises important questions about honor, loyalty, and truth.