Reuven Rubin, ‘Palestine’s Gauguin’, 100 years on

Featuring rural farmlands in the Galilee, vistas of Jerusalem's Old City and Tel Aviv's burgeoning modernity, Rubin's 1924 exhibition at Jerusalem's Tower of David Citadel was much more than the oft-cited 'first modern art exhibition in Israel.'

How social media triggered my BZD (Bipolar Zionist Disorder)

I want peace. I want us to be friends with Palestinians, but these nutjob anti-Zionist/Israel folks need to be put in their place. Obviously, I'm the right person for the job. Two, three, five, ten, thirteen TikToks later, I am addicted.

All eyes on Tehran

A new book recounts the most recent decades of Iran’s quest to destroy Israel through a slow process of strangulation and attrition, and Israel’s attempts to resist through a combination of clandestine, kinetic, and diplomatic means. Its admirably sober tone is at once refreshing but also chilling.

Hope is a Woman’s Name

Amal Elsana Alh’jooj

An excerpt from the memoir of a trailblazing Israeli Bedouin women's activist.

Holy Land

Ben Corvo

A poem on writing poetry in English while living in Israel.

The Winds of the Arts

Ayala Asherov

An ode to the Tel Aviv of yesteryear.

The Dilemmas of Victory

Vivian Cohen-Leisorek

Yishai Sarid's new novel about an Israeli military psychologist raises important questions about honor, loyalty, and truth.